Card Select for Apple Watch & iPhone

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One mission. To save you money. 


Knowing at the time of your purchase which of your credit cards has the longest time until you have to pay can save you money. Even just having two cards can make you pause for bit and it just gets harder with more cards. Relax and let Card Select do the work for you.


Best credit card to pay with. Just a glance away.

Give yourself the longest possible time until you have to pay for your purchase. A quick glance at your Apple Watch or iPhone and you will know which credit card to pay with right now. 

Card Select for Apple Watch is both an app as well as Glance. The new Apple Watch is all about short interactions and Card Select fits this model perfectly!



Your Apple Pay companion

Which Apple Pay credit card should you use? Easy, first let Card Select show you which card is best. Now either double tap the side button if you are on the Apple Watch or tap the "Open Passbook" button on the phone. Pick the credit card and pay. 



Easy setup

Card Select's clean full-screen design with bright and colorful cards makes the app a breeze to use. The app is easy to setup. In just a couple of moments you have entered your cards with the info easily found on your credit card bill. Pick a nickname, type of card and background color for easy recognition.